About boxing


Boxing is a fists sport drivien by rules. Allowed are punches with fist in the front of head and body. Disallowed  are punches below the belt, in the back, behind and above the head.


In amateur /olympics boxing the boxers used gloves, singlet and protective headgear.

Professional boxers fighting without protective headgear and singlet. Boxing is one of the most popular sport in the world and also the most challenging because of speed, strenght, endurance, agility, explosiveness, tactics, concentrating or psychological distress. In this time boxing is not sport only for men but for women too. Womens boxing in three weight categories was presented for the first time on Olympic games 2012 in London.


Amateur boxing is divided into 10 wight categories, the boxers are boxing 3 rounds of 3 minutes. The women are boxing 4 rounds of 2 minutes.


Professional boxers are boxing longer, about twelve rounds.


In boxing si not art to hit someone, but you should it accept too.


Categories of weight