February 2014 – Karlovac Open 2014, Croatia – Jessica won the first place

December 2013 – „Christmas Glove“ – Our box club organised a match, where met boxers from Hungary, Czech republic and Slovakia too. Our boxers won four first place, but mainly they have been got new experience. This tournament confirm, that events like this are more attractive for visitors and necessary for the growth talent of our boxers.

November 2013 – Malacky – Our boxers team was on tournament named Memorial of Ali Reisenauer.

November 2013 – Four boxers Alex Triebeľ, Lukáš Halka, Marián Štefaňák and Martin Pakánik were very successful in matches in Poruba town. They acquire three victories and one match lost.

November 20134th Slovak league of boxing in Nové Mesto nad Váhom – Alex boxed in first league! He has not competetion in Slovakia. In final match he met with Ukrainian Zaychemko and he became the winner.

October 2013 – Sparings in Hungary – Jessica Triebelova was participated in sparings in hungarian town Vecsés.

October 2013 – Assembly in czeh town Děcín – Trainer Eva Líšková from Czech republic invited our best boxer Jessica Triebelova   

October 2013 – We participate in International boxing tournament in Poland

September 2013 – IV. League Union of Boxing Clubs of Slovakia – Alex Triebel won by technical knockout in match with boxer Kevin Dome from box club Galanta. Alex has very clear and nice punches.

August 2013Box meeting Hearts of warriors II. organised by our Box Club Triebel – Lukáš Halka beats czeh boxer Jiri Gabor. The our next boxer Marián Štefaňák won the match by knockout. Jessica Triebelova beat rival Stela Levická from box club Spartan Prešov.

June 2013Box meeting in Klin organised by our Box Club Triebel – The best part of tournament was final match between our boxer from Ukraine Mykhailo Chebanu and Andrej Šurina from Žilina. Our boxer beat rival 3:0.

April 2013 – Boxins assembly in Klin – This assembly was made by trainers: Dušan Bučko, assistents Martin Gajdoš and Mykhailo Chebanu, sponsored by our president of box club Peter Triebel.

April 2013 – Championship of Slovakia in Giraltovce – Alex Triebel is the champion of Slovakia!

February 2013 – Our President of Box club work in reality show named „The most strict parents“

February 2013 – We have been employed the new trainer to our Box club – Mykhailo Chebanu from Ukraine.

January 2013 – Our Box club Triebel were on the Czech tournament in Broumov . Jessica won the match and beats rival from Poland

2012 – Box meeting „Heart of warriors I. organised by our Box club

October 2012 – Championship of Slovakia – Jessica is champion of Slovakia!

2010 – The ex-boxer Peter Triebel create a new boxing club!